• Power bolt 3247 W
  • Hashrate microchip 151 TH/s


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      Antminer S19j XP (151Th) of SHA-256 algorithm with hashing power of 151Th/s at 3247W power consumption.


      Manufacturer Bitmain
      Model Antminer S19j XP (151Th/s)
      Release Q4 – 2023
      Size 400 x 195 x 290mm
      Weight 14900g
      Fan(s) 4
      Voltage 220-277
      Power 3247W
      Noise Level 75db
      Interface Ethernet
      Temperature 0 – 40 °C
      Humidity 20 – 80 %




      The world’s leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining servers, BITMAIN, is a well-known brand that was established in 2013 and operates under the ANTIMINER brand. BITMAIN has subsidiaries in China, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan. In addition to establishing a successful presence in over 100 countries and regions. BITMAIN ANTIMINER BTC miners’ services and efficiency were continuously enhanced, and the company assisted everyone in achieving hassle-free mining. Bitmain launched its first BTC miner, ANTIMINER S1, and later on, they produced other series of Bitcoin miners, such as S4, 52, 53, and S5. Not only this, but they introduced other products as well to the blockchain industry, such as ANTIMINER D9 DASH Miner, D7, E9 PRO, HS3, K7, L7, S19, and many more. The list is vast; hence, visit the link to purchase BITMAIN’S miners. Additionally, BITMIAN diversified its offerings by introducing SOPHON, an AI brand, showcasing its commitment to innovation and technological advancements. The company’s core mission is to bridge customers and suppliers by combining various models within the Bitcoin ecosystem. BITMAIN aims to establish business collaboration while providing advanced computational operations and blockchain networks. Their deduction to research and development is evident, as they significantly prioritize quality design and emphasize product quality. BITMAIN’S services extend beyond product provision, offering round-the-clock assistance, key customer spare parts, ASAR services, and on-site maintenance to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. BITMAIN aims to build a comprehensive ecosystem together. As the world’s leading blockchain for Proof-of-Work (PoW) computing servers, BITMAIN delivers extraordinary computational products and services. The company caters to the diverse needs of blockchain enthusiasts, miners, and businesses in the current digital space. BITMAIN’S dedication to technological advancement and collaborative approach has solidified its position as a prominent player in the cryptocurrency industry.

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